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  Paroles - Services

Paroles offers translation and interpreting services from French and English into Hebrew. Translation work at Paroles is based on personal and direct contact between client and translator. This includes studying and analyzing the client’s needs and adapting the translation accordingly. The translations are performed from various languages into the translator’s mother tongue. This guarantees a high quality translation that’s faithful to the original. The translation is performed through a direct dialogue with the client. This makes it possible to create a custom translation, work on long-range projects and create a unique professional glossary for use in various translations, according to the client’s changing needs.

The translation process includes:

Translating the text (reading the source text thoroughly, collecting information about the subject of the translation, consulting with experts in the relevant field…)

Editing the translation according to the type of text (translation for personal needs, document for publication or submittal etc) according to the rules of Hebrew grammar and syntax, maintaining the register and style of the source text.

Making any changes and corrections required by the client

Paroles has Seven years experience in working with private
bodies and commercial companies in diverse fields:


Legal translation: translation of contracts and agreements, lawsuits, court rulings, statements of claim, statements of defense, various legal opinions and declarations

Business and commercial translation: translation of business plans and economic and business correspondence, translation of presentations, translation of commercial websites, translations in the areas of marketing, sales promotion and advertising

Medical translation: translation of articles, documents, medical assessments and patient files

Translation of official documents: CVs, university diplomas and transcripts, official documents and certificates of all types

Academic translations: academic articles, research papers, theses, dissertations and books

Literary translation: press articles, poetry and prose, biographies and memoirs

Translation in the field of gastronomy: translation of menus and recipes, translation of operating instructions for various kitchen appliances

Translation in the field of film: translation of scripts for feature films and documentaries, translation of budgets and correspondence between the various production bodies

Technical translation: translation of operating and assembly instructions and technical manuals, translation of reports and experiments in various fields, translation of tenders

Computers and hi-tech: translation, editing and quality assurance in the hi-tech field – localization

Translation in the field of cosmetics: Product Labels, Sales Literature, Brochures & Catalogs, Scientific Papers, Regulatory Documents


Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at academic and commercial conferences in various fields

Interpreting at meetings, business meetings, interviews and tours

Transcription and translation of audio files

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