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  Paroles - FAQ
  What are your rates?
  • Our rates depend on the urgency, volume and complexity of the material. The price is based on the word count of the translated document, according to units of 250 words (an average page of text) in the target language.
    Please send us the details of your translation job and we’ll be happy to give you a detailed price quote.

  How can I tell how many words there are in my document?
  • If the document is a Word file, press Tools and then Word-Count. When you check the word count of a text, make sure you haven’t highlighted part of it (otherwise only the words in the highlighted section will be counted).
    If the document is a PowerPoint file, press File and then Properties and then Statistics.
  What happens if my document is shorter than one page (less than 250 words)?
  • Our minimum per job rate is one page. The price for translation of a document containing fewer than 250 words will be calculated as a whole page.

  In what format can I send you files for translation and in what format will I receive my document?
  • We accept files in the following formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, TIF, rtf, html etc. You can also send us documents by fax or mail.
    We will send you the translated document by e-mail, as a Word, Excel or PDF file. If you like, we can also send you the document by fax or mail.

  Do you undertake to maintain confidentiality of the material that I send for translation?
  • We undertake to maintain absolute confidentiality of the information and not to disclose it to others throughout the duration job and thereafter, and not to make copies of the written information that we receive. We are prepared to sign a specific confidentiality agreement with the client.

  How do I pay for the job?
  • Paroles accepts payment accepted by check, sent by mail, or by bank transfer.

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